Pay Dealer Price is a revolutionary car buying service that allows consumers to purchase any vehicle they desire at a wholesale price.  This service is made possible because Pay Dealer Price eliminates the middle man, which is in this case, the dealer.  Dealers have access to dealer-only car auctions, buying automobiles for thousands below retail cost and selling at market prices; Pay Dealer Price opens up this private market to the consumer by giving them the power to purchase vehicles directly from the auction block and saving them thousands in the process.  

This inclusiveness is accomplished by our expert team, who have over 40 years combined experience of locating, appraising, purchasing and refurbishing automobiles of all classes.  This expertise was originally reserved for the car dealerships. Our team has helped dealers across the country stock their inventories by hunting down the right cars for the right prices.  But now this team of professionals can work for you, the consumer, to help find the perfect car for the perfect price.  

Pay Dealer Price is the ultimate car buying service for customers who know what vehicle they are looking for.  Our team has access to over 30,000 automobiles on a weekly basis, giving us the ability to not only find a specific car, but also to match that vehicles mileage, options, and color precisely to our customer's request.  We also offer a host of services to increase the efficiency of this car buying experience, which includes taking trades, financing, repairing, reconditioning, detailing, maintaining, and even providing warranties.  Whether you are searching for a pre-owned or new car, Pay Dealer Price can act as your personal liaison to not only help ensure the best price for your vehicle, but that you also enjoy the most professional car buying experience available.  For more information, or to make an appointment for a free consultation, please contact one of our Pay Dealer Price experts today buy using one of our Contact tools on our website.

The future of car buying has arrived, are you ready to upgrade? 

​Pay What The Dealers Pay

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